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Short Film



An aging woman practices a solitary ritual of play for temporary respite from the underwhelming reality of her everyday life.


Writer / Director: Katie Hill

Producer: Isabelle Deluce

1st Assistant Director: Dane Stewart

Casting Director: Amanda Pileggi

Directors of Photography: Roger Galvez, Matthew Kartiatsumari

Editors: Katie Hill, Matthew Kariatsumari, Roger Galvez
Production Designer: Mary Lumbers

Sound Recordists: Anthony Boire, Pippa Johnstone

Makeup Artist: Alexandra Blades

Grip: Guiseppe Condello


Christine Davis: Tracey Woods

Mark Davis: David Parisian

Anne: Sandra Kristin

Madison: Piper Gage

Tonya: Rayanna Ribeiro

Grandma Rose: Eleanor Foss
Elderly Woman:
Joyce Powell

Elderly Man: Victor Roy

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